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Transparency is so important to me

I believe it important to be transparent, in my personal and private life.

That often means being vulnerable., which at times can be quite uncomfortable. Equally, it's not always appropriate, because sharing everything with clients can lead them to think I am judgemental and that could have the effect of shutting them down,

I recall many years ago working with a therapist and I shared my thoughts with her, which was ' I imagine you have your life together'. She replied ' Is that what you think?'

The conversation closed down at that point, I felt I had nowhere to go, and she didn't expand any further. It left me wondering, but also excluded. I imagination ran wild, visualisng her in a beautiful house set in grounds, happily married with children.

The effect it had on me was that I would feel too ashamed to share things with her, in case she judged me. I'm sure that wasn't her intention,

From that point on I decided I would be transparent with any client I worked with. I don't share all the details of what happened, but I'm sure clients want to feel I have some understanding of what they are going through. It certainly isn't about comparing.

Some of the clients attempt to put me on a pedestal, that I believe could leave them feeling shamed, and not good enough.They often feel bad enough as it is, without adding that to their issues.

It's the last thing I want for another person,

so it's at that point I share my vulnerabilities, asking them to remove me from that precarious place on the top of the pedestal, It's not good for either of us. They don't need to feel they have a false emulate.

I freely admit I've made mistakes along the way, and I hope that it helps others able to trust me, and feel safe.

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