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Meet Mel & Wendy

We are Mel & Wendy, friends, and Psychotherapists. We often have a Zoom coffee and chat, and often the subject turns to our passion - our work. Mel then suggested that we share these. This video series is all about relationships. in which we talk about our personal and professional experiences. 

So, grab a cuppa, and come and join us.


Curiosity May Have Killed the Cat, But Not the Humans

In this episode, we explore how we communicate with each other in relationships. Effective communication is key in any relationship, but we don’t always get it right, especially when our emotions are highly charged, during conflict. Too often we come from a place of anger, jump to conclusions and predict the outcome.

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How Couples Do or Don't Fight

n this episode explore different ways in which couples deal with conflict. why some get angry, and others withdraw. What is really going on when one wants to deal with the issues, and the other shuts down, maybe not knowing what to say – The Fight or Flight response. How couples find it difficult to reconnect afterwards.


It's All About Attachment

We hear those words used often, but it can feel quite confusing. So in this episode we try to demystify it and give examples of our own attachment styles, how they developed in our childhood and how they have affected our adult relationships. As well as sharing experiences from our Therapy Room. The Attachment styles are - Secure, Avoidant, Anxious, Disorganized, Ambivalent, but as Mel suggests we move from one to another.

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