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The Quality of our Relationships Defines the Quality of Our Lives

Communication issues can be at the root of many relationship problems. Starting right at the top with world leaders, and working all the way down to families, friends, and most importantly romantic relationships.

When I ask clients if they talk, they almost always say 'Of course we do'. But when I explore a bit deeper it appears they talk on a day-to-day level, but not about the really important things in their relationship.

Here are some of the communication issues that get in the way, and as a result can cause disconnection in your relationship.

  • Lack of real conversations

  • Miscommunication 

  • Making assumptions

  • Not actively listening

  • Yelling

  • Shying away from talking about difficult subjects

  • Stonewalling

  • Sulking

  • Not making clear, or asking for what you want

  • Accusing and blaming

  • Allowing problems to drag on until they are blown out of proportion

I wonder how many of these you might recognise?

Without communication there is no relationship.

Without respect there is no love.

Without trust there is no reason to continue.” ~

Imagine what your relationship will be like if you stop arguing about meaningless things, that your opinion is respected even if your partner doesn't share the same view.

Imagine if you could talk openly and honestly about any subject with each other, trusting your partner is really listening.

Imagine being able to ask for what you want instead of your partner making assumptions.


I know it's possible because I've helped many couples to reconnect, and it all starts with communication

I can help you communicate in a way that each of you feels heard

and understood better.

You will understand each other better, and feel respected and valued,

able to speak more openly and freely.

You will understand each other better and what triggers each of you.

As a result, you will become better connected with each other. 

Don't wait, if you really care about your relationship - Book a call now. 

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