•  Are you really happy in your life? Or is there is something missing, but you aren't sure what!

  • All you know is that you feel miserable, lonely, stressed, anxious, a failure in areas of your life. Perhaps you catapult from one disastrous relationship to another. Or you hate your job.

  • Whilst on the outside you appear to be like the graceful swan gliding across the lake, underneath you are furiously paddling, putting on that brave face to the world.

  • You find yourself binge eating, resorting to alcohol, buying clothes, and then hating them when you get them home.

  • You have had enough and things have to change, but you don't know where to start!

  • There are issues from the past that keep triggering you and they are really affecting your life now.

"You want to get on with your life and feel 'Normal'

You have tried so many things to get yourself out of the rut but nothing seems to be working. They may include some of these - 

  • A night out with your friends

  • Gym and Yoga

  • Self Help books

  • Retreats

  • Change of Career

  • Retail Therapy

  • Watching Feel Good Movies

Many of them work in the short term, but you find yourself back to that furious paddling 

Negative Events from Childhood

So often people brush aside negative or traumatic experiences from childhood, feeling they should be over them, and they can't understand why they would have an effect in adulthood. But sadly they can have an affect on their lives and relationships. Even an over-cautious parent can adversely affect you. They want to protect you, but in doing so it may stop you from doing things, even making you over cautious about life.Part of you may be emotionally paralysed and stuck. 

  • It may have been as a result of being bullied at school

  • Perhaps you always felt in the shadow of your sibling 

  • You may have experienced emotional, physical or sexual abuse from a close family member

  • Losing a parent either through premature death or divorce when you are a child is very traumatic, and can leave you feeling abandoned. 

  • Serious illness, surgery or long spells in hospital can leave a child feeling extremely frightened. 

Negative Events in Adulthood

These can be equally debilitating, and can stop us from achieving our goals, dreams and aspirations. They can affect our confidence and even leaving us doubting ourselves in all areas of our lives. We can't separate our personal and professional lives as each has an impact on the other. Too often we don't feel able to share our concerns with others, either because we don't want to be a burden, or because we feel they won't understand.


These events can include -


  • Abusive relationships 

  • Divorce, especially if its was acrimonious

  • A partner dying 

  • Loss of a child

  • Miscarriage

  • Financial worries

  • Workplace issues such as bullying, redundancy, stress

It's important to understand you do not need to re-traumatise yourself by talking through the events that affected you. In fact, it can be extremely damaging.  What is more important that you understand how those traumatic/ negative events have an impact on your current life and your relationships.
The Effect of previous traumatic events on Relationships

I specialise in helping people in relationships who have experienced trauma and as a result their relationship is adversely affected. 

By working with both, individually and together, they learn to understand each other's perspective. By doing so they are more able to support each other.


I have seen amazing results from those I have worked with, as you can see from the quotes on this page from previous clients.

So if you any of this resonates with you and you want to make those positive changes that will Create Your Ideal Life, get in touch with me now.

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Client Love


'As a result of working with Wendy I feel more like my old self, gaining confidence, growing as a person, and understanding myself as a person.'

Simone, Farnham

'Working with Wendy was both emotional, enjoyable, and successful. I learned coping strategies, and regained control of my life.'

Neil, London

'I just wanted to say thank you. I know it's your job but it is very clear that you genuinely care about people and I for one will always be very grateful for that'.                                                                  -