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  •  Are you struggling right now? You know you don't feel right, but you just don't know what it is, but it's dragging you down.

  • All you know is that you feel miserable, lonely, stressed, anxious, a failure in areas of your life.  Maybe you aren't happy in your job, or perhaps it's related to relationship problems. 

  • Whilst on the outside you appear to be like the graceful swan gliding across the lake, underneath you are furiously paddling, putting on that brave face to the world.

  • You find yourself binge eating, resorting to alcohol, buying clothes, and then hating them when you get them home.

  • You have had enough and things have to change, but you don't know where to start!

  • The thing is that it's not all the time, and then you convince yourself, that it's ok really - until the next time. 


"You want to get on with your life and feel 'Normal'

You have tried so many things to distract yourself and get yourself out of the rut but nothing seems to be working.

They may include some of these - 

  • A night out with your friends

  • Gym and Yoga

  • Self Help books

  • Change of Caree

Many of them work in the short term, but you find yourself back to that furious paddling 

Have you lost your sense of self? You don't know who you are any more? 

So often when feeling overwhelmed, putting on a brave face, covering up your real feelings, trying to be what you think others want you to be, you forget what you want in your life, and what's important.This happens so often when I start working with clients, they sometimes look at me blankly, having no idea what I'm talking about. They have no sense of direction,  or what they want in life. 

If this sounds like you, then why not take this free Personal Values Test as a starting point?

If you are still unsure, arrange a chat with me, and decide whether I can help you.​

You've considered Counselling, but you can't see how talking to a stranger can help. After all, you reason, it's not going to change things.
Which is very true. 
Counselling can't do that, nor will a Counsellor advise you or tell you what to do. 

What I can provide is a safe space to explore your feelings, in complete confidence, and without judgement. I have no hidden agenda, so whatever I say is unbiased. Neither do you have to worry about saying the wrong thing in case you upset someone.
Sometimes that's all you need to clear your head.

At other times, you may need to understand why you keep repeating the same negative patterns, and I can help with that too.

Before making the decision to work with me, and whether it's the right thing for you, I think it's important to have an initial chat. I'm so aware of how big a step this can be.

One of the most important considerations is whether you think you would feel comfortable sharing your innermost secrets and concerns with me. Clients often share things they have never told another living soul. Safe in the knowledge that I won't judge them or tell anyone else.

So, that's the reason I offer a Free chat so that you can ask any questions you may have, as well as getting a sense of whether we are a good fit. There is no obligation to take it any further. 
You can arrange a call by using the calendar below - 
Or if you prefer, you can email me using the Contact link below

Client Feedback


'As a result of working with Wendy I feel more like my old self, gaining confidence, growing as a person, and understanding myself as a person.'

Simone, Farnham

'Working with Wendy was both emotional, enjoyable, and successful. I learned coping strategies, and regained control of my life.'

'I just wanted to say thank you. I know it's your job but it is very clear that you genuinely care about people and I for one will always be very grateful for that'.                                                                  - 

Neil, London

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