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Too Much Stress is a Killer!

I am seeing so many more clients who are suffering from stress, both personal and work related.

Whilst a certain amount of stress is ok as it can help us be more productive

accomplishing tasks more effectively. When it gets out of hand it has adverse effects, not just in the short term but long term too.

The pace of life is getting faster and more complex. Everyone is in a rush, trying to achieve more and more, in personal and professional life.

People tell me they can't switch off, they think about work 24/ 7. not only are they working long hours during the day but they're taking work home and continuing at weekends and long into the evenings, and at times into the early hours of the morning.

Even when they go to sleep they wake up worrying or thinking about problems that have arisen. So not only are they not getting a good night's sleep, but they wake up exhausted.

Just like an electrical appliance plugged in continuously, our bodies will eventually burn out and stop working.

It becomes a chronic condition and can cause anxiety, depression,l gastrointestinal issues such as irritable bowel syndrome and stomach ulcers. It affects the ability to make decisions, as well as causing memory loss and confusion. Long term effects are cardiovascular disease, and heart attacks.

So it makes sense to control and manage your stress levels.

Work - life balance, a healthy diet, and attention to emotional health are all important to our well-being. the alternative can be devastating on your health, wellbeing, personal life and relationships.

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