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Self Care is Not Selfish, it's Vital for Our Well-being

Self-Care is Not Selfish!

I have this conversation with clients far too often!

There is definitely an unhealthy work culture in the UK. Working long hours is seen as like wearing a badge of honour.

There is nothing wrong in wanting a successful career, if that is your goal in life, but I would question whether putting that first and foremost in your life at the cost of your relationship and your family, and your health and well-being is really worth it.

Often people in this position aren't able to say NO to others, not only in their career but also in their personal lives too. They may have been taught as children that putting themselves first is selfish.

That's why my podcast with Chris Templeton this week is so relevant. The stories we learned as children and continue to tell ourselves.

The details are below.

Or, perhaps, when they focus on others, they are avoiding facing and dealing with their own issues.


OK, if you made a meal for yourself and didn’t leave anything for your partner and there was nothing in the house for him to eat. Well that is selfish, and pretty mean. Just as if he ate the last piece of your favourite chocolate!

But if we are talking about self care – that is very different. Because we cannot take care of anyone else until we take care of ourselves. We have to be healthy both emotionally and physically to do that.

So it’s time to take time out for yourself.

Time for YOU!

Because if you aren’t happy then no one else in your life will be either.


The Love~Listen~Talk~Repeat podcast with Wendy Capewell

#126 - Chris Templeton, Oh The stories we tell

Chris Templeton is the Founder of Oh The Stories We Tell


• The importance of staying in the moment

• The stories we tell ourselves – and worst of all believe!

• Strategies we developed to survive when younger

• How those stories impact us as we grow older

• What we can learn from those stories by checking them out, and viewing them from a different perspective

You can listen to the podcast here-

Until next time,

With love,

Wendy x

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