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How our Nervous System Becomes Dysregulated When We are Stressed

When we become overstressed our nervous system becomes dysregulated. When we face a stressful situation our nervous system becomes activated, and under normal circumstances will return to a baseline place of balance which then allows our body to rest and digest.

But at times of extended periods of stress our nervous system may not be able to regulate itself, and as a result, cannot recover from that stress.

Resulting in emotional symptoms such as -

Mood swings, guilt, panic, fear, confusion, self-blame, and overwhelm.

We may also experience hypervigilant symptoms such as –

Insomnia, nightmares, digestive issues, loss of appetite, migraines, racing heart.

We may also experience –

Teeth grinding, muscle tension, exhaustion, and chronic fatigue.

So you can see how damaging too much stress can be to our bodies.

So how do we restore that balance?

there are all kinds of things such as breathing, visualisation, meditation, spending time in nature, and play, which can take many forms - dancing, singing, and painting. This is in conjunction with noticing stressful situations, acknowledging that you may be overworking, and ensuring that you get enough sleep and relaxation. Reduce the time you spend using technology, and disconnecting from the media, as that can increase levels of anxiety.


The Love~ Listen ~ Talk ~ Repeat Podcast with Wendy Capewell

#146 - The living Experience of Trauma - with Mel Riley

Mel shares her living experience of trauma, that they are not Panic Attacks, but Blind Terror Attacks where dysregulation causes Fight, Flight, Freeze, Fawn, or Friend responses. Often bouncing between these responses on the same day.

Mel talks about LearnING, HealING, RecoverING because we are always on a journey.

You can listen to this podcast and many more here

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