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Emotional Abuse isn't Always Easy to Spot!

We don’t always recognise when someone is being emotionally abusive in a relationship.

It can be so subtle and disguised as ‘caring’. For example, you can find yourself agreeing not to wear certain clothes or makeup because your partner says they prefer you looking natural, or they are worried about how others may perceive you, and then act towards you.

They may not like some of your friends, and whilst they don’t openly tell you not to see them, their behaviour and attitude makes it uncomfortable for you. So you give in as its easier.

They only like doing things they want, or going to places they want. They make a fuss or grumble when YOU want to do something.

You give in because it ‘s not that important and you would rather keep the peace. But instead of placating your partner, they make more and more demands.

You spend your life walking on eggshells, at the same time feeling completely confused.

They tell you they love you and are doing these things because of that. They get upset when you argue back. As a result you feel confused.

Slowly but surely your world closes in.

You find yourself being controlled and manipulated, at times with threats designed to force you to comply with their wishes. Maybe threats of harm to you, themselves or others. But they convince you it’s in the name of love.

How do I know this?

Because that was my life for 6 years. I tried many times to break free, but each time I believed he would change. For a while he did, but then the same pattern started. Until finally I found the courage to stand my ground and end the relationship.

That was 15 years ago and now II couldn't be happier. Since then I have helped many people stop repeating those negative patterns that are stopping them from living the life they really want.

If this sounds like you, then get in

touch at and lets arrange a chat to see how I can help.

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