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Dealing with what is visible doesn't solve the deep rooted problems.

Updated: May 29, 2020

You can chop down a tree but because the roots haven't been destroyed, it will send up shoots to regrow. Anyone who is a gardener will know that if you don't get the long root of a dandelion out, it will certainly rear its head again.

Nature is so very clever isn't it, and it shows us how deeply rooted that tree is, as in the photo. The tree trunk had been cut down many years ago, so it would be safe to assume that it would not regrow. All it needed was the right conditions for it to regrow new shoots. And instead of one shoot it has produced several, as that tree has decided it's not taking any chances. It's determined to survive.

It's the same with us, we can try to deal with problems that are visible to us, the stuff on the surface, cutting them out of our lives, but the problems can often be far more deep rooted and however much we try to hide from them, they will keep re-emerging.

And just as that tree had sent up many shoots to replace that one tree trunk, it can reproduce itself in many places and the feelings are much stronger.

  • You distract ourselves, by working or playing hard

  • You blame others or the situations

  • You cover them up, believing that if you change jobs, move house, a fresh start will resolve all your problems.

  • You get into a new relationship, believing you can get over it with someone new (after all it was your last partner who was toxic)

  • You book an amazing holiday, because being away will solve all the problems i your relationship

But in the wee small hours those doubts, fears, and worries come back, keeping you awake. You can't switch off, and what is worse is that they seem to get bigger and bigger.

I get it, as it happens to me at times, and before I used the techniques I share in my FREE Guide I would feel overwhelmed and spiral into a hole, not knowing how to dig myself out.

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