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Boarding Schools – Are They Good or Bad?

There are many reasons why children are sent to boarding schools. When parent's jobs take them to another country or to different locations, meaning the child will have to continually move schools they want their child to have a stable education environment. Or where the child is deemed gifted and a certain Boarding School offers specialised teaching. Or it may be decided that it will offer the best available education.

For many, it works well for the child. They seem to thrive in these situations.

But, often times the emotional effects this may have on the child are ignored. After all, it’s argued they are likely to live away if they go to university. But, by the time a child goes to uni, they are older and more able to cope with living away from home.

What does the child think about Boarding School?

Children often feel they are being ‘sent away’ from their family, leaving them feeling they have done something wrong. That sense of abandonment can’t be dismissed, as it can have long-lasting effects into adulthood and affecting relationships.They are also exposed to long periods of separation from their family. No mum or dad to run to if they are sad or hurt. They often have to deal with their pain alone.

It can also be difficult when they come home, not sure how they fit in with the family, or making it harder to return to school.

What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger.

Well, that is a total myth, it’s becoming more apparent as more people feel comfortable talking about mental health, that many are struggling with issues that they have internalised for many years.

Can you imagine what it may be like for a child away from home who could be subjected to bullying - or worse, not having the ability to talk to someone safe?

My podcast guest, Piers Cross had some really bad experiences whilst at boarding school, and I thank him for his willingness to talk about it and the lasting effects it had on his mental health. As well as his recovery and how he helps and supports men.

#154 - Abuse in Boarding Schools - Piers Cross

Piers is an author, a coach and a podcast host. He specialises in helping men who are struggling with overwhelm, burnout and relationship issues. And he specialises in working with men who have had some form of trauma or been to boarding school.


Piers talks about how his experiences of his time at boarding school, and the long lasting effects it had on him as an adulthood and into his relationships.

How he suffered burn-out, and that amongst other difficult life events was the catalyst to changing a great deal in his life.

A fascinating and moving story.

If you or a partner or family member has been affected by being in a boarding school, then do get in touch wiith Piers.

He also has many more interviews and videos on Youtube.

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