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Are You Addicted to Stress?

Have you ever wondered why some people thrive on stress?

This is something that many people struggle to understand.

So, let’s look at what goes on in our bodies, when we are stressed.

Firstly, a whole chemical cocktail is released into our bloodstream.

· Noradrenaline

· Adrenaline

· Cortosol

As a result, our nervous system goes into ‘Flight’ response. At the same time Dopamine (the feel good’ chemical is released into our brain., which means that we are encouraged to repeat the stressful situation to get more dopamine hits, that feeling of aliveness and feel good.

That’s why so many people appear to thrive in stressful situations.

For example –

The workaholic, in a high-pressured job

The person whose life is always in crisis or conflict.

Or someone who is stuck in a highly toxic relationship

We can actually become addicted to cortisol, and that can lead to high levels of conflict in relationships, never stopping, being unable to sit and relax, lacking boundaries, or always being in one drama or another. It actually feels uncomfortable to rest, because our body is in constant ‘flight’.

But just like any other addiction, we need more of the same to get that buzz and feel like ourselves.

When we aren’t stressed, we feel empty, and bored, and needing a distraction to ease that uncomfortable feeling. It also means we don’t have to face our deeper issues.

Just like any other addiction detox, it can feel really uncomfortable. So it’s a good idea to slowly begin to take some time out and create boundaries around time. There are many ways you can do this, breathing exercises, mindfulness, yoga, and spending time in nature. It’s really worthwhile, as there are serious health issues if you don't.


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Mark Urry – Owner of Emotional Solutions

Mark lives with his wife and three children in Midsomer Norton, near Bath. Having worked in multiple industries ranging from the Royal Navy to vacuum cleaner sales he now employs all his life experience and lives his passion of empowering individuals and organisations via his business Emotional Solutions.

In the past Mark had a variety of jobs, he feels these has helped him take the path he has now.

By taking responsibility for ourselves,we are more able to take control of our emotions. In that way we are more able to express ourselves in a clean way.

,and have

If you need any help or support, contact me - I'm always happy to chat.

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