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Why Getting to the Root of the Problem Makes Sense

Updated: Jun 6, 2019

I often hear personal coaches say that you don’t need to look at past events in your life, all you have to do is move forward positively. In some cases I’m sure that maybe true.

Let’s make an analogy

Say you went to your GP complaining of headaches, and he prescribes pain killers and sent you on your way. The headaches persisted, and you returned, only to be prescribed with stronger painkillers. After several months your GP decides to carry out further tests and its discovered that there is something more complicated causing the headaches, by treating the cause the headaches go.

Initially the GP was treating the symptoms (headaches) and not the cause.

When I work with clients I treat the causes not the symptoms. Because if someone suffers from anxiety and we don’t find the root cause, the symptoms are likely to keep recurring. By spending time looking past events we identify the triggers that still affect present behaviours. Only then can they move forward.

Case studies

‘ Michael lost his temper when his sons misbehaved, to the point of being quite rough with them. They became scared of him, he wanted a good relationship with his sons, but he didn’t know how to control his anger. We explored his childhood , and it became evident that he was beaten by his father for just being a child. It triggered feeling of fear, the fear he experienced as that small child. Once he recognised that, we could move forward and with techniques to manage his anger he is no longer triggered and his relationship with his sons is much happier and healthier’


‘ Suzanne had no confidence, was continually anxious and felt she couldn’t be herself. She felt she had to ensure others around her were happy, which has hard work. She believed if she was herself she would be rejected, and disliked by everyone. When we looked back into her childhood we discovered as a 9 year old she had experienced a serious illness and almost died from it. From that time she felt she had to protect her parents from the worry and concern they had for her, and even as an adult she continued to feel that responsibility. Acknowledging that and by working together to let go of those crippling behaviours she felt able to talk to her parents and talk about that difficult time, which up to that point they had never talked about before. Once this was shared openly Suzanne felt a weight had been lifted. Now she no longer feels she has a responsibility for the happiness of others. She now has the freedom to be herself, her anxiety has gone and she is finding her true self.'


In the past fourteen years I have helped numerous clients let go of the deep rooted causes of their current issues that have held them back. With that information and understanding they are able to move forward to a lead a happier life, free from the past experiences that have shackled them.

If you would like to rid yourself of negative behaviours and start living the life of freedom you really want, then get contact me for a FREE Discovery Call

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Julian Kay
Julian Kay
Jul 27, 2019


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