When Personal Problems Affect Work

Updated: Mar 25, 2019

Personal Problems Cause Stress at Work

We are all likely to struggle with personal problems at some time in our lives.

Relationship issues, financial worries, serious illness to name a few. They are going to have an impact on our work performance. Because however hard you try its almost impossible to detach yourself. As a result its likely to affect work performance, which only adds to the problem!

So how do you tackle it?

Well, rather than trying to cover it up and soldier on, it’s probably best to talk to your boss and explain the situation. You don’t need to go into great detail, just tell them what they need to know.

You may find that your company is part of a scheme that offers a number of free counselling sessions. You may also find they are prepared to work with you around your work load and hours.

Trying to struggle on without help and support doesn’t make sense. You don’t perform and your boss gets more exasperated. This in turn adds to your stress and anxiety.

There is no shame in seeking help. In fact it’s those who are determined to make positive changes that seek help and support. Get in touch


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