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What Are Your Star Qualities?

What makes you shine?

What makes you shine out against the crowd? The chances are you will struggle to find anything because you don’t believe you have that special quality that makes you shine. The one that your friends really admire in you.

But there will be something, because everyone has something within in them that makes them shine. I’m not talking about being an awesome musician or athlete – although it could be that.

Perhaps you make a mean Sunday roast

Are you really trustworthy, able to keep your friends innermost secrets?

Kindness and generosity of heart are amazing star qualities to have.

Are you a good listener? Do people around you feel valued, that you really care.

Too often we out ourselves down, measuring and comparing ourselves against others. Telling ourselves that we aren't as clever as or bright as others.Convincing ourselves we aren't are pretty or even likable.

All that does is pull us down, leaving us feeling rubbish. Our confidence nosedives and we can so easily stay trapped, too scared to challenge ourselves to step out of our comfort zone.

So instead, I would encourage you to start making a list - yes, right it down so you can see it - write down Your Star Qualities.

If you would like to share them with me I would love to hear from you. Equally, if you are struggling, get in touch. Perhaps I can help.

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