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They've Changed - What happened to our Relationship?

Relationships can become routine and totally boring. So what happened?

When you first met everything seemed easy and effortless. But a few years down the line, you’ve moved in together, maybe started a family and all the stresses of daily life come tumbling in around you.

It becomes a daily round of work, chores, kids, extended family commitments, and you are so tired you don’t have time for the relationship.

You look around and ask yourself were is the person I fell in love with?

I’ve heard it so many times ‘ You’ve changed, you aren’t the person I met’

Well, some of that is very true. When we first meet someone we are probably on our best behaviour. We want to make a good impression, and those endearing little qualities they had, or little niggles turn into really annoying habits.

  • · Snores.

  • · Doesn't listen to what you're saying.

  • · Passes wind.

  • · Makes a mess when cooking.

  • · Doesn’t help around the house

  • · Leaves clothes on the bedroom floor.

  • · Never cleans the bathroom.

It’s so easy to let those irritations turn into really big problems, You forget that you have irritating habits too. And you just focus on the negatives.

The words – ‘Always’ and ‘Never’ crop up often. Add them to the list above, I bet you probably think of them or say them.

But is that really true?

Focus on the negatives and you will become more and more miserable and discontented. And your relationship is more likely to fall apart.

You may decide to move on, but guess what will happen? The pattern will repeat.

So, can I suggest -

  • That you try to look at the positives that your partner brings to your relationship.

  • Ask yourself what you bring to the relationship rather than what you get out of it

  • Spend time with each other, on a regular basis. Don’t wait for date nights, or holidays. 5 minutes a day is all it takes to do something for your partner that lets them know you care, to say thank you for the things they do, instead of bitching about what they haven’t done.


The Love~Listen~Talk~Repeat Podcast with Wendy Capewell

#153 - Recovering From Trauma and Abusive Relationships- Dr. Marcia Martin

Dr. Marcia Martin M Ed, Ph D – The Heart Healer, is a spiritual empowerment counselor, minister, bestselling author, public speaker, and clairaudient angel communicator specializing in helping people heal their relationship with themselves.

What we talked about

Dr. Maria Martin shares how she helps people recover from trauma and abuse.

She reminds us not to blame or shame ourselves after an abusive relationship, The reasons why we get into unhealthy relationships, and the many reasons why we find it hard to leave them.

We also discuss why people find it hard to seek help from professionals.

That’s all for now, but do get in touch if you would like a chat.

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