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Really? I mean what kind of message is that giving out?

  • You don’t count

  • I can treat you any way I like and it’s ok

  • You aren’t as important that others in my life

Boundaries are so important in every area of our lives, and that means valuing ourselves. Because until we do, others won’t value us either. The message ‘ love is never having to say sorry’ just does the opposite.

Saying sorry isn’t enough either

Those words mean nothing unless they are accompanied by actions. But unless it’s something like you didn’t something like accidentally spilling wine on the carpet, it probably means its useful to talk it through, so that each of you understands what happened, why the other person is upset, and what can be done in the future to stop it happening in the future.

Taking action, really does mean that, because just to continue in the same way, and keep saying sorry is going to damage trust in the relationship.

If you really care about your partner and you really mean you are sorry for your behaviours then you need to talk to each other, and work together to find ways in which you can support each other so that you can make changes, and work to repair the damage that may have been done to the relationship.

It also means letting go of the incident, because holding onto it the issue, and bringing it up every time there is a disagreement means you are continuing to punish the other person, and you really can’t move on from it.


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