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Fear of Judgment: Why We Are Afraid of Being Judged


How do you manage those feelings?

I guess we each have our own way to protect ourselves from being judged by others, or our perception of being judged.

For example, do you change the tone of your voice or your accent, to be more accepted by those you are with?

It's got the spectacular name ‘ The Chameleon Effect’. Where we unconsciously mimic the accent, gestures, body positioning. The reason being is to appear ‘in tune’ with those around us, to be more acceptable, and it seems it's more common than we realise.

When I was younger I certainly didn’t like my London accent, feeling people would think I was ‘common’. So I did my best to ensure I didn’t drop any consonants, simply because I didn’t want people to judge me.

I didn’t feel comfortable in my own skin at that time. Now I feel I can be myself, people will either like me – or not, and my accent really has nothing to do with it.

There are other things we may unconsciously hide from others. for fear of being judged.

For example –

Do you feel embarrassed or shamed about your background or members of your family? Do you feel that you will be judged because of that?

I guess we all have those skeletons in our cupboard, and we may feel that people will judge us if they were to learn those secrets that we hold.

We constantly see it in the media, where people are hung out to dry, just because they haven’t shared some ‘secret’ from their past, and then there is a sudden Public Exposé, that reveals all!

Agreed, it doesn’t always happen, as some people are admired for making changes to their lives despite tough beginnings.

But there are many who feel if they tell others about those skeletons, they will be shunned. I never shared that one of my uncles was constantly in and out of prison, believing that others would look down on me, or even think I may have criminal tendencies.

Feelings of being judged can seep into relationships, where you feel unable to introduce your new partner to your family, or even each family meeting each other, in case those judgments erupt.

Sadly, there are those who focus on the negatives and would rather believe the worst in others. I sometimes wonder if they do it to make themselves feel better?

It’s so much better to celebrate the fact that people have transformed their lives, and accept them for who they are.

How about we become the change? Let’s put an end to judgment.


The Love ~ Listen~ Talk~ Repeat Podcast with Wendy Capewell

#137 - Sunayana Clark - Be Your Own Energy Worker & Take Back Your Power

Sunayana Clark, Energy Worker Extraordinaire, has a long career as a holistic therapist and coach. She is now turning her focus onto the energy we hold within us, and how we can harness that to feel more empowered, by becoming our own energy worker.


We are all made up of energy. Quantum physics has already confirmed that we are not separate from our environment, We're all interconnected. We can see that through climate change, how we have affected, our own planet. And equally, we can see how our planet responds when we treat it well when we plant trees

How she would like people to become their own energy workers. We can improve our own energy levels by connecting with those things outside our bodies, rather than being influenced by media.

It takes just small steps to elicit big changes. Whether it’s our mindset, the food we eat, or the habits we have formed. Reenergise your brain, and become more empowered.

Tune in to learn more.

Send me a message, and get in touch if you would like a chat to learn how you can work with me.

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