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Do You Ever Just Stop?

Do you ever just take the opportunity to stop and just Be? Or just relax and remove yourself from your mobile/Laptop/ tablet? Or you do find yourself checking in all the time?

I was fortunate to be able to take some time away for a foreign holiday this year.

I love flying, from the takeoff, to the sensation of flying high in the sky, to the landing. It really blows my mind, how this such a huge piece of metal can fly!

I love it if I have a window seat, not only so I can see outside, but I don't get bothered by others. around me.

The flight was about 31/2 hours., so I settled down to read my book.

I couldn’t help but notice this guy next to me was constantly shifting in his seat, mostly as there isn't much space, as we tend to be packed close together, and he kept unavoidably knocking me with his arm each time.

This guy kept switching between watching a movie on his phone - to checking emails, and then switching to his laptop, and then writing notes in a book.

My sense was that his mind was constantly busy. Flitting from one thing to another. I felt quite worn out just observing him.

Our lives can be so frenetic, with a sense of needing to constantly be ‘doing’ something. To the point at times that it feels wrong when we stop.

Just imagine what would happen to an electrical appliance if it was switched on 24/7! It is likely to burn out. Our bodies are also likely to burn out if we don't take care of it. So you can see the value in having 'down time'.


#135 Caurel Richards -How Complex Childhood Trauma Highjacks our Brain - and the Need Reality Checks

My podcast guest this week is Caurel is Richards, a Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner who help clients with Complex Childhood Trauma break down barriers and release unhealthy habits and patterns to rediscover safety and peace of mind.


Caurel explains that we each have suffered some kind of trauma in our lives. For some, it has a more profound effect than others.

Caurel has Complex Childhood Trauma as a result of her childhood experiences, as a result, she doesn’t always perceive safe. – even now. Current events can trigger past painful memories, causing her to react in the way she would have done as a child.

So, it takes a lot of hard work to rewire the brain and create healthier patterns.

You can listen to it here- or wherever you listen to your podcasts.

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