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Change can be uncomfortable - but it's not impossible


The image of my old trainers is pretty awful isn't it? Bear with me for a while and I will explain.

As the weather has improved lately, I changed from wearing my walking boots for my walk in the woods near me to lighter shoes. Up until recently, it's been really wet and muddy.

I bought some new lightweight trainers recently but chose to wear my old tatty ones. You can see them in the image. They are pretty disgusting, aren't they? They are really fit for the bin, as you can see but they are comfortable and familiar. But they are certainly not fit for purpose. They don’t support my feet, as they should, and although I haven’t got too close to them, they are probably quite smelly. Even throwing them in the washing machine isn’t going to help. But I know them, they are familiar and they have been on many adventures with me, so they are like an old friend.

Whereas the new ones are bright and new looking, even the laces are pure white! The problem is I’m going to have to wear them in, which means I'm probably getting blisters. They certainly aren’t going to be as comfortable as my old ones.

So, why am I telling you this?

The thing is we can become stuck in old familiar negative patterns in our lives. We have often created these ways of being out of our awareness. Just like treading the same familiar paths, we don't think about them. But just like my old trainers, these behaviours and habits really aren’t serving us well. But they are familiar, even ‘comfortable’ because we know them. That doesn’t mean we can’t change those behaviours and patterns. It just means we have to learn to become comfortable being uncomfortable, until those new behaviours become comfortable. Just as with my new trainers.

People tell me they can’t change. But that isn’t true, the brain is extremely adept at coping with change, and learning new things. In fact you are adapting to changes every day of your life, in some way or another.

So if you want to change things in your life, you need to accept it's going to feel strange to start with, but it will get easier with time.

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