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Bullying Happens to Adults Too!

We are often led to believe that bullying only happens between children. But unfortunately there are times when adults are involved in bullying, either in personal relationships or in the workplace.

Those carrying out the bullying deny it, excusing their behaviour and often blaming the other person.

  • · You may be told you are too sensitive, taking comments too personally.

  • · When your partner gets angry, you maybe told you provoked them to react in that way.

  • · In a work situation you maybe told that the comments made to you were constructive criticism, and that they are character building. They made them as they want you to succeed.

  • · Parents can continue to bully even when we are adults. The use negative remarks and put downs which negatively affect your self-confidence.

  • · Bullying isn’t always obvious. Bullies can be quite clever at disguising their behaviour, claiming it’s just their character.

  • · Veiled threats are also a form of bullying

What to do if you feel bullied.

Bullies don’t always recognise their behaviour, but don’t get into a battle with them. It’s much better to sit down and explain the way you feel calmly.

Don't allow this to continue, it will affect your self-esteem and confidence. Get in touch and we can arrange a call .

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