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Why Taking Time Out for Ourselves is SO Important!

We live in a frenetic world, on the go constantly, with so many people and things happening in our lives that demand our attention,


I recognise the importance of taking time out for myself on a regular basis, which I do. But there is nothing better for me than to be able to get right away from all the noise.

I was really fortunate to be able to do that, right on the beach, on the island of Chios, in Greece,

I stayed in a studio apartment, right on the beach, with just the sound of the sea lapping on the shore.

Time for me................. No other distractions, and back in touch with nature.

One of the most joyful things was to wake up to stunning sunrises. Followed by a walk along the beach, with the waves lapping on the shore.

Then later a visit to the local sotre for a loaf of delicious homemade bread

I made no other plans, but to read, chat with people I met, and enjoy the peace and quiet.

What do you do to relax?

Have you been on holiday, or taken time out to recharge your batteries?

Do you get out of your head and reconnect with your body?

My podcast guest this week talks about the Tantra. You may have it in connection with sex. But, do you know what Tantra means? The word actually means System or Path. Tania talks about this fascinating subject, and how she uses it to regulate the nervous system which is so important for our wellbeing.


The Love~Listen~Talk~Repeat podcast with Wendy Capewell

# 134 Tanja Diamond - How the practice of Tantra can Optimize our Nervous System

Tanja Diamond is a Master Life Strategist, Biohacker, and Tantra Lineage Holder of 37+ years. She helps people get unstuck in love, sex, and money.

What We Talked About

Tania started by explaining the true meaning and origins of Tantra

How it can help us in today’s world by regulating our nervous system, assisting it to be more resilient.

Because our brains aren’t programmed for change we can become stuck.

By staying in our heads and not connecting with our bodies, we can become emotionally disconnected, which in turn can result in dis-ease.

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