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When You Experience a Moment of Self-doubt

Updated: May 26, 2019

You give a talk to a group of people, either at work or to a group you belong to, something you have done before, and don’t really enjoy, but you normally get through it. But this time you really struggle.

What is happening?

You start to beat yourself up, telling yourself you are useless, a complete failure. You convince yourself you have blown your chances of promotion.

But it’s just not true!

These messages you tell yourself probably go back to childhood. I know, you are probably thinking how can something from your childhood affect you now – as an adult.

But negative messages we received in the past really can affect us as adults. We may not recognise them, but they are stored somewhere in your brain to cause problems when you least expect them.

Perhaps you were compared to a sibling, put down by a parent or teacher, or bullied by a peer. These can all having long lasting effects on confidence and self esteem.

We don’t always recognise the root of lack of confidence in areas of our lives. Neither do we always understand why certain situations can cause us uncertainty. We just know something isn't quite right.

Of course, you can just push through and often you will achieve those goals. But there may well be times when it will come back and haunt you. Simply because you haven’t discovered the root cause!

That’s where I can help, because I have the expertise to get to that root cause, and then provide strategies that work for you to banish them for good. So that you don’t have times of doubt.

So get in touch, private message me, or email me at Lets have a chat and see how I can help.

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