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What We Can Learn From Trees

As you probably know, I love the beauty of nature.

When I'm out walking in the countryside, I notice the trees, and how despite how they become battered by storms, they continue to thrive.

Have you noticed the outward signs of wounds that trees have been subjected to, their gnarled trunks are testament to broken limbs or disease.

They carry those scars proudly, and still, they continue to grow past them. They continue to find a way to survive - and thrive.

We all have some scars, whether they are visible or whether they are scars we carry within us, mostly hidden from the world. whether from physical injury, surgery, or disease, or emotional wounds.

We conceal those scars from others because we don't want to feel different, we want to be accepted, we don't want to be defined by them. At other times we conceal from ourselves. It's too difficult to acknowledge them, and exploring those scars can open up the wounds, even though we aren't fully healed.

So, we continue on our everyday lives. Despite those scars, we continue with our lives, often forgetting to acknowledge our wins and successes.

Do you have unresolved wounds? If you would like to explore them and get some help to deal with them and begin to heal them, click here to arrange a free 30 minute chat to learn how I can help you.


Love~Listen~Talk~Repeat podcast

#109 Annette Earl - Empowering You to Make Your End of Life Choices

Death is such a taboo subject, and yet it is inevitable. Because we avoid talking about it, it can stop us from ensuring our affairs are in order, leaving our loved ones to figure things out. But what if you had a practical way of doing this is a simple way?

That's just what Annette Earl has done, she has published a Planner, in which we can write down our wishes, and let people know important information, from who our Utility suppliers are, to who we want to notify, special gifts, who has a copy our Will. What an amazing gift to give our loved ones - taking away some of the stress.

We talk about it in this podcast.

You can listen to the episode by clicking on the link below.

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