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What is your relationship with money like?

These are certainly difficult times for many. Especially with food prices, energy, and fuel costs rising. What concerns me is that the media is creating panic and fear. So, I hope it's not sending you into a blind panic. I guess most of us are thinking more carefully about our spending habits, which isn't such a bad thing.

Our relationship with money is an interesting one. We each view money in different ways, often based on childhood experiences.

Perhaps you grew up in a family that had to always be careful with money, or things changed along the way, meaning that there was less money available than before, such as divorce, sickness, death, or job loss.

Perhaps you grew up in a relatively wealthy family, where money was abundant. or at least you didn't have to worry about budgeting. So, you never considered how much you spent. The thought of budgeting wouldn't enter your head.

You would think that those who experienced hardships as they grew up, would be careful with money in later life, but that hasn't always been my experience. I have seen those who did have to watch every penny really being careful and others being completely the opposite. as though those years of going without were too much. So they throw caution to the wind and spend, spend, spend.

Often those early experiences of being really poor and the fear of being there again can be so scary that they cannot face it again, and they need to ensure there is enough in the bank to pay the bills and then some.

The problem can arise, when two people get together in a relationship and each has a different approach to money.

This can be especially true when one gets into debt, without the other's knowledge. The proverbial **** hits the fan, and that's when real problems start.

Or, another problem can be when one controls all the money, and the other one has no idea, and maybe doesn't want to, happy to hand the responsibility over to their partner. Then the financial controller gets sick and their partner has no idea about their financial situation.

So, in relationships, a conversation about money is really important. If you avoid conversations about money then this podcast is for you.


The Love~Listen~Talk~Repeat Podcast with Wendy Capewell

#136 Making Your Relationship with Money Easy -Eileen Joy

Eileen Joy is the money coach for moms. She makes money easy and teaches you what you didn't learn in school about money. Money will become easy and fun for you AND your kids!


Eileen started by explaining how she became a Money Coach following her divorce with nothing apart from $347, having had to sell her house. She had to find somewhere to live for herself and her young son as well as a new job.

At that point, she realised something had to change, and mostly her mindset.

We learn our relationship with money from our parents, who in turn learned it from their parents. From 0-7 yrs old we are programmed about money.

Most people don’t talk about money and don’t have a good relationship with it.

But, it doesn’t have to be that way. Listen in to learn how to have a better relationship with money and become empowered.  Here is the link Or listen wherever you listen to your favourite podcasts.

Take care, and get in touch if you would like to learn more about working with me,

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