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Tips on How to Grow Closer to Each Other

How much time do you spend together with your partner?

I don’t mean being in the same room or house. How much time do you really spend together, just the two of you, not with others, children, friends, extended family, and certainly not distracted by other things, such as social media, TV, emails, texts, or work?

I know I say this so often, but it’s important you invest in each other and your relationship.

Neglect your relationship and it may well disappear

Date nights are great, but that’s really organising a time together and it’s not spontaneous. You really can connect with each other during your daily routine-

• Weekly Shop

• Visit the gym

• Household chores

• Take children to their activities

• Laundry

• Walking the dog

• Prepare meals

• Clean the car

• A project

Whilst it's hard to juggle everything in our busy lives, I would ask you these questions?

Why did you get together with your partner?

What is the point of being together if you don’t spend time together?

When was the last time you laughed together till you cried - or wet yourself?

My podcast guest this week talks about bringing back the Spark Back into the Bedroom, and that really is a place to connect with each other!


Love ~Listen~Talk~Repeat podcast, with Wendy Capewell

#125 - Azaria Menendez, aka, The Pussy Fairy - Bring the Spark Back into the Bedroom

Azaria Menendez is a sex, intimacy, and relationship coach who supports folks to reignite that spark back into their sexual self so they can show up feeling deeply connected and full of vibrance



• Rekindle that sexual spark into your life, whether solo or in a relationship

• Our Sexual desire has highs and lows, and can change just as in the


• What we see on Social Media isn’t reality!

• When does foreplay begin?

• Take time to explore what feels good - and what could feel even better!

• Ask for what you want

• Take back your power and rekindle sexual desire

You can listen to the complete episode here:

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