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Stress Alert!


How has your week been?

I'm noticing so many people are having symptoms of stress, I decided to send a little reminder, as it's so important that we take care of ourselves

It's often those who seem at first glance to have it all. On the outside, they have a successful career, a dream car in the driveway, holidays abroad, and a beautiful house but inside feel unhappy.

You can’t put their finger on it, but you know deep down there is something wrong.

It often feels like Groundhog Day, the same old routines, day in day out. You are bored and worn down with all the responsibilities that come with your lifestyle.

Instead of changing things you get caught up in the same cycle of predictability, and doing more of the same, in the hope it will resolve the problems

• Seeking promotion – which adds to anxiety and stress levels.

• Moving to a larger house – meaning more financial commitment

These changes can often lead to increased stress to such high levels that something has to give. You get sick, either physically or mentally, or worst-case - you walk out on your job - or even your partner because you just can’t cope anymore.

You may not walk out on your job or relationship physically, but emotionally you check out

So stop and think whether any of these apply to you.

• Brain fog

• Sweaty palms

• Constant headaches

• Negative thoughts fill the brain and even the simplest thing becomes almost impossible.

• Brain won’t switch off

• Tossing and turning all night even though exhausted

• Retreating into yourself, unable to cope

• Waking in the night with stuff from the day going around your head

• Finding comfort in alcohol or drugs

I wrote an article about it the Mama Life Magazine, a magazine I write for regulary, Here is the link - mamalife article link -

If you recognise any of the above, then it’s time to consider making some changes and decide what you really want in your life.

If they don’t apply to you, then that’s great. But it's always useful to have the reminders!

Ask yourself what makes you really happy in your life, and which are the things that are papering over the cracks, disguising the issues beneath it all.

If you feel you need some help with overcoming stress, then why not arrange a call with me and see how I may be able to help -

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