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My Husband and I Don’t Connect’

Updated: May 26, 2019

This is a comment I hear so many times when they come to me for help.

They tell me they love each other, and their relationship is ok – but there is something missing. They are just not connected. They don’t talk, apart from on a transactional level.

The magic has gone, and they are bickering and back biting all the time. To the point they aren’t spending time with each other anymore.

Whenever either of them tries to speak to the other about what is going wrong, they are stonewalled. They bury themselves in their work, working longer hours – often into the night and mostly at weekends. Basically they are using this as avoidance tactics, so they don’t have to face the problems.

Or the take up hobbies or get involved in committees, activities that fill the time they would prefer to spend with their partner.

At other times they find comfort in someone else, who they feel cares about them.

But the issues don’t go away!

They tell me they are great friends and work well as a team, especially when they are immersed in a project, or activity.

They just aren’t connecting at the level they crave. It’s like living with a sibling or house mate. Their love life is practically non-existent, because they are too tired, or because they aren’t connected at that special emotional level – they don’t want to connect on a sexual level.

They are seriously considering divorce as they can’t go on like this.


Is the number of marriages that end in divorce every year in the UK

Divorce is costly - not only in financial terms but also emotionally. Families are ripped apart and children suffer.

There is another way

I have more than 14 years experience of helping couples transform their relationship to a happier, healthier relationship. Those who I have worked with have experienced positive results within a few weeks.

  • They learn how to communicate much more effectively

  • They listen to each other and feel heard!

  • They begin to understand the other's perspective and respect it

  • They learn how negative events from the past have such a profound effect on themselves and their partner

  • They find new ways of connecting in a deeper and loving way

I work at a deep level and find the root causes of the problems. If there are things affecting the relationship then both parties need to be involved to understand the other’s perspective. It’s real team work.

Get in touch and lets arrange a call –

Don’t wait until its too late.

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