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Take Care You Don't Burnt Out !

Updated: Mar 30, 2019

This time of year you can easily get stressed and overtired. Trying to ensure that you get all the preparations done for the festivities. It seems that everyone is striving for it all to be perfect.

I hear women panicking that they haven't bought all the presents, ordered all the food or that the tree and decorations aren't perfect.

In all of this it's so easy to get burnt out, and by the time Christmas arrives you are too tired to enjoy any of it.

You console yourself that as long as everyone is happy that's all that matters.

You put yourself at the bottom of the pile! Which really isn't good enough, because your health and well being is really important, and if you don't take care of yourself, you really won't be any good for anyone else.

Your family and friends want you to enjoy yourself as much as they are.

  • If you are exhausted and burnt out you won't be able to join in with the fun

  • You are likely to be irritable and scratchy others

  • You will become resentful that you haven't received any help from those around you

  • And finally, you will be glad when its all over

Self- care is not selfish

Let's dispel that myth straight away. As I have already said if you don't take care of yourself you cannot possibly be there for others.

So give yourself permission to be less tough on yourself. Learn to say 'no' to events, overspending on presents, visitors and events you host.

Set Boundaries

I see so many women who are unable to say 'no' to others. They become people- pleasers, taking on more and more. Friends always turn to them for help and support in their lives, but hardly ever return the favour. Never giving a thought to the person they have loaded their stuff onto.

Stop trying to make it perfect

Ask yourself what is really important. So what if all the baubles on the tree don't match, if the table napkins don't fit in with the colour scheme, if your children don't receive every single item on their Christmas list. It doesn't matter if you forgot the bread sauce, or the batteries for one of the toys. Everyone will live!!

What is important is that you and your family and friends enjoy being together.

Ask for Help from Others

I hear so many women say 'It's much quicker and easier if I do it myself'. It's almost as though they are proud of that, wearing it like a badge of honour! Does it make them feel more important? 'proclaiming that their way is the only way?

If this applies to you, just ask yourself your motives behind it might be, and let others help, instead of being a martyr!

In our work situation, leading up to the holidays can be really stressful. I remember only too well trying to ensure that I cleared my desk as far as possible as I knew I would probably return to a deluge of emails and issues to deal with. This meant I would work long hours and feel completely shattered by the time the holidays arrived. It's not always easy to tell yourself to prioritise, and that the you can only do the best you can. But, I have seen so many people completely burnt out simply because they were overworked and overwrought. They end up becoming sick as soon as they stop working, and then it ruins it not only for them but also for those loved ones around them

Learn to say 'No' and don't be one of the growing number of statistics who struggle with work related stress !

Saying 'No' to someone else, means saying 'Yes' to you.

Take time out for you, which may mean you going for a walk, reading a book, a relaxing bath, or taking yourself away and having a power nap. You don't have to be there for everyone else. You are just as important.

By taking time out for yourself, you will have a much more relaxed and enjoyable time.

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