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Is your drinking getting out of control?

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

On these cold winter nights especially with all the added pressures on us right now, staying at home, with not much else to distract us, and unable to be with friends and family we can easily get into the habit of pouring ourselves a drink.

  • I need something to calm me

  • I'm feeling really down, I need to drown my sorrows.

  • I'm bored

  • I deserve it

  • I've had a stressful day

  • One won't hurt...........

But before you know it, 'Wine O' Clock ' has become earlier and earlier in the day - or that one glass of wine turns into a bottle, or one can of beer becomes 4 -5 - 6. Or a drop of the hard stuff becomes a bottle. Whilst you promise yourself that you will only drink at weekends, where do weekdays end and weekends start?

Sadly that is where alcohol dependency often begins.


These are the recent BBC News headlines a few days ago.

It is reported that provision figures show figures have increased by 16% between January to September 2020 compared to 2019.

Added to which there are many people who have become alcohol dependent, often denying it that they are.

They make excuses, saying that they don’t drink every day, so it’s can’t be a problem. If you challenge them they get annoyed, angry – complaining that you are trying to control them.

There are others who say they are shy and withdrawn, and can’t easily socialise, unless they have a drink. That having a drink relaxes them and then they can have a good time.

Binge drinking often isn’t seen by alcohol dependant people as being a problem either, because, they reason, they don’t drink every day.

But they are being dishonest with you as well as themselves. They become secretive. Either lying about the number of drinks they have consumed, drinking when you are not around, or hiding cans and bottles. But you know they are drinking because of their altered behaviour and your diminishing bank balance.

If you or your partner have mood swings, become argumentative, aggressive, have sleep problems, hallucinations, or pass out to the degree it becomes embarrassing, or cannot control your bladder, then these are issues that you may find are unacceptable, and only you can decide……….

It takes a lot for someone to admit they are an alcoholic, but that is the first step. There is plenty of help out there.

Alcoholics Anonymous is holding meetings on-line right now. You don't have to turn on your video, so it's even more anonymous than attending a live meeting.

If you are worried about your level of drinking, get in touch for an informal chat-

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