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How Clean is Your World?

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

Of course we all want the atmosphere around us to be as clean as possible, free of pollution. We know that the polluted air around us can cause all kinds of health issues, including allergies, asthma and even some cancers. Water pollution can carry disease too. Though luckily the water in the UK is filtered and unlikely to carry disease. Although many people are concerned about the effect of this and the additives.


But have you ever considered polluted your personal life is?

I invite you to consider the environment you have created in your own world. Is your world free from stress and anxiety? I think I probably know the answer, because life today seems to be full of stress. Whether in our professional or personal lives.

  • Lives filled with activities.

  • Never stopping to relax, and unwind.

Its as though many of us are on a treadmill - work - chores - eat - sleep, with some leisure time in there if and when time allows. A world polluted full of stress and anxiety, and the cause of many health conditions, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, headaches, depression and anxiety.


How polluted is your world by the toxic people around you?

Toxic people can be a drain on our energy. The chances are they don't realise the effect they have on us, but nevertheless it's a fact. Perhaps they are very needy, demanding your attention all the time. As someone who needs and wants approval, wanting to be seen as a kind and caring person you can't say "No".

Controlling people can drain you too. They make unrealistic demands, and you feel reluctant or even fearful of not doing what they want because they fly into a temper or react badly.

Do you have friends who pick you up and drop you when it pleases them, only wanting your company on their terms ?, Or do you have friends who 'tease' you or continually criticise you.? They claim they are only jokng, and it's your fault for not being able to join in the joke - but it's not funny.

It's not only friends and colleagues who do this either. Partners and children can be manipulative too, using emotional blackmail to get what they want.


What can you do if you want your world to be cleaner and less polluted ?

Of course there are people you can't easily remove from your life. But you can limit the amount of time you spend with them.

You can also learn to say 'No'. Because saying 'No' to others means saying 'Yes' to you. Meaning a cleaner atmosphere and closer to creating the world you want.

I'm always happy to chat if you want to learn more.

Make your life cleaner and more enjoyable,


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Julian Kay
Julian Kay
Jul 27, 2019


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