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Does Your Mind Monkey Misbehave?

Does Your Inner Mind Monkey Get in Your Way?

We all have that little monkey who plays havoc with our thoughts.

It’s like he swings from ‘thought-branch’ to ‘thought- branch’ all day long with the thousands and thousands of thoughts we have each day.

Is it any wonder we become overloaded often with anxious thoughts with the pressures of life.

These thoughts are often at odds with each other, getting in the way of achieving things.

Imagine, you have a great idea, you feel driven to try something new, and then that pesky little mind monkey pipes up and puts doubts in the way, with -

  • ‘What if it all goes wrong?’.

  • ‘What will other people think?’

  • ‘What if I fail?’

  • ‘What if my relationship fails?’

  • ‘What if I lose my job?’

  • What if …………………

And so those irrational fears and thoughts keep racing around – that mind monkey jumping from branch to branch, causing havoc!

The more you try to control him it seems the worse he becomes. So instead, encourage him to calm. It’s almost impossible for most of us to sit quietly and think of nothing. I know I can’t totally clear my mind of thoughts, as he sneaks in!

There are many techniques, which I encourage or share with clients –

  • Mindfulness

  • Meditation

  • Exercise

  • Breathing exercise

  • Challenging the Negative Thoughts

Get in touch if you need some help – don’t allow your mind monkey to over-run your life.

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