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Do We Really Nurture Our Relationships?

November already! Where has the year gone? Colder, shorter days, I wonder how they affect you?

I was listening to a podcast by someone I follow quite a lot in my field of work. Something he said really made me stop and think.

We often refer to our planet as Mother Earth, considered as a living being and the provider of all that is on the Earth. As well as ourselves, she provides for all the other creatures we share this planet, as well as plant life.

But how do we as humans respond to our nurturing Mother Earth?

It finally seems that our world leaders have finally taken on board the fact that we cannot sustain life if we continue to abuse our planet. Unless we begin to take note of the way we are collectively mistreating her, the question arises as to whether Mother Earth will be able to provide us with our needs.


That leads me to the relationship we have with our own mothers.

As children, we are reliant on our mothers to provide and protect us. We cannot survive alone in the world without that. We don’t only need our mothers to provide our basic needs - such as a roof over our head, sufficient food, and clothing. We also need their love and attention, to meet our emotional needs. Lack of any of these is likely to adversely affect us, physically and/or emotionally.

If we aren’t provided with a healthy diet, we may develop health issues in adulthood. Equally, if our emotional needs aren’t met, our mental health may be affected, or we may experience relationship problems because we have been provided with the template or guidance on how to develop healthy relationships

Whilst many of us may have lacked those essential needs, it’s not always the fault of our mothers. There can be many contributing factors. We only need to look back over previous generations of our family to find some or all of those needs weren’t met for whatever reason. Whether their mothers didn't have their needs met, or maybe the social settings of their lives. Many would have lived through at least two world wars for example. Which would have had profound effects on family life.

There would have often been large families to provide for, often on a limited income, and much of the support systems we rely on would have been nonexistent. So, they weren't given the tools to meet all our needs.

So, thinking about Mother Earth, is it her fault that she is struggling to provide for us? I would love to hear your thoughts.


The Love~Listen~Talk~Repeat podcast.

Episode #111 - Michelle Anhang Why she kept her husband's suicide a secret

Michelle Anhang, is a warm and confident woman, Michelle shares with me how at 34 years old, she suddenly found herself widowed after her husband died by suicide, leaving her to raise her two young sons alone. The family, having hidden his mental illness, chose to say he died in an accident to avoid dealing with the stigma and shame. Carrying this secret for over 10 years impacted Michelle’s own mental and physical health until she could no longer take the pain. She shares her story and also shares coping strategies that helped her.

Take good care of yourself, and ensure you nurture yourself and your relationships.

With love

Wendy x

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