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Disruption Creates Change and Opportunities

COVID19 has certainly disrupted our comfortable cocooned lives, and with disruption comes change, and most people dislike change. Its unsettling and unsafe.

But this virus has made even the most complacent of people make changes or had changes forced upon them. No longer is the focus of their lives the latest gizmo or designer products (I could never get my head around why I would buy a T-shirt that gave free advertising to the designer – certainly clever marketing)

Basic human needs are at the forefront of many people across the world, who have never had to worry about them before.

With those in privileged societies worrying about toilet rolls, manicures and when football matches will start again. those less fortunate lacking medical care, food or shelter.

This virus has given us a cruel lesson.

When we are roused out of complacency, fear and distrust creep into our lives, which creates anger in some instances. But it’s actually got people thinking, and questioning the information they were given or strongly held beliefs they have held fast to.

Sadly, some will go back to their old ways of living, having learnt nothing about themselves, their core beliefs and values. Their insular lives will continue in many ways hardly affected. As long as they can buy their McDonald's, and discard the packaging for someone else to clear up all’s right with their world.

This is an opportunity to challenge ourselves.

We don’t have to agree with others, or believe everything we see and hear. Whilst we can feel betrayed by those experts in whom we put our trust, it means we have choices to consider and question and then make our own decisions, instead of blinding following.

Nothing in life is clear cut, and no one person is all good or all bad. There is a great deal of shade within each of us. We are each individuals, and we aren’t going to agree with everyone else. But it doesn’t mean that they are bad people, just that they have different views. Often, it’s about perception rather than right or wrong.

With disruption change occurs. But let’s make it change for the good, learning from the past, rather than trying to erase it, Many bad things have happened, but we can’t change history, either our own personal or of nations and societies, only learn from it.

By pulling together to create those changes for good. Whether they are environmental, societal, or personal.

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