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Counselling Doesn't Work!

I’ve heard this many times, and even those who decide they will 'give it a go’ can start in a very skeptical frame of mind.

They quote friends who told them they had a bad experience, or perhaps they had counselling in the past.

  • They didn’t get on with the therapist

  • They didn’t like a comment the therapist made

  • They had ‘a couple of sessions’

  • They were too busy


There are many ways of dealing with issues that are causing you sleepless nights. Friends and family can be really supportive. There are self-help books in plenty. There are also many other types of Alternative Therapies too.

But there are times when the things you have tried just aren’t working anymore. The same negative patterns keep recurring, and you are really fed up with that.


Imagine you have decided to sign up for gym membership. Firstly you need to decide what you want to achieve from it.

  • Do you want to work on a particular part of your body?

  • Do you want to improve your overall fitness?

  • Are you training for an event?

Those decisions will determine which equipment you use. Treadmill, weights…….

Whether you employ a personal trainer or work alone, you know that you will have to commit to a regular routine to achieve results.

YOU have to do the work!


You need to decide what is bothering you because we can’t work on everything at the same time.

You need to find someone you feel comfortable with – as you are going to share some pretty deep and personal things, and that takes trust and a good relationship.

You need to be committed. It’s unlikely that one to two hours is going to do it. Any more than the same amount of time at the gym is going to provide the results you want.

If you sit on the couch for 6 days a week, bingeing on junk food, and go to the gym for one hour a week – guess what? Nothing will change.

Therapy is no different. It’s a process and needs constant work.

At the start of each session, I ask the client how their week has been, and what came up for them after our last session together.

I know those who are committed because they will tell me thoughts that have come up, insights, even that they are stuck or struggling.

But those who say they haven’t given it a thought, they have been too busy, or talk about the activities they have done in that time are usually the ones that either don’t understand what therapy is about, just want to be able to share their concerns in a safe space, or are just not in the right place to work on themselves.

I know it’s a really emotional process, it can feel scary, uncomfortable………….but if you really want to make positive changes it can be really rewarding. But it takes time and effort, just like anything you really want.

If you are considering whether Counselling is for you and whether I can help, then contact me for a FREE chat -


#93 - Karen Bashford, her story of an abusive relationship, and becoming a Change Mentor

Karen Bashford AKA The Manifesting Lady

Karen has experienced 2 abusive and traumatic relationships, which has led her to discovering why some women, are more prone to abuse and trauma, than others.  She now uses her knowledge and skills to educate women, how the past affects their present reality.  As a change mentor and energy healer, she releases them from the shackles of their past to powerfully manifest and influences their future, to be happy and fulfilled in all areas of their lives. In this episode, she shares her story and what finally made her decide 'enough is enough'

You can listen to the podcast here -

Until next time

Wendy x


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