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Clarity is the First Step When Designing Your Perfect World

When you think about how dissatisfied or unhappy you are with your life do you feel overwhelmed?

I guess it can feel too difficult, not knowing where to start, and so you give up as it all seems pointless, and certainly not achievable.

That's because you don't have clarity!

Without clarity, you cannot possibly begin to plan the life you really want.

With pen and paper and a cup of your favourite drink, find a quiet comfortable place without any distractions. Write down a list of things you are happy with in your life, and then a list of things you really don't want.

You may realise there is one area of your life that causes you angst, or t could be several. If that the case, you can either start with the area that you are most unhappy with, or one that will be easier to tackle, before moving onto others.

Personal, professional, relationships, family and family. You may see a common thread running through each one, or you may decide certain areas of your life are ok.

Now focus on the one area of your life you are most dissatisfied with, and focus on that.

Once you have done that, look at what you can do to make changes. It maybe that you can make a significant change that will help you achieve your goals, or you may have to settle for small changes that will lead you there.

By having clarity , you have a much better idea, and now yu can make plans to move forward - step by step.

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