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Whether we like it or not, we are all affected by work related and personal issues in the workplace. Disgruntled staff are certainly less productive, and often when one person feels unhappy it affects all those around them.

To ignore this and try to manage performance doesn't make sense, but it's often hard to start that conversation.

But ignoring the issues just stores up greater problems It's far more costly  both financially and in time  to go through the process of replacing and training a new member of staff than to support a current member of staff through their issues. 

Over 50% of employees are unhappy, feel undervalued and lack enthusiasm at work, which adversely affects productivity according to The Happiness Survey carried out by Personal Group in 2018.

Work place issues cause stress and anxiety unless dealt with and drastically lowers productivity 

  • Difficulties coping with change within the workplace,

  • Introduction of more AI and additional technology

  • The introduction of automated processes

  • Changes in roles & responsibilities

  • Personality clashes

  • Misunderstandings due to poor communication

  • Redundancies or concerns around job security

​Personal issues that can affect an employees performance and well being  -

  • Relationship problems including divorce

  • Pregnancy

  • Miscarriage

  • Serious illness of a family member

  • Death within the family

  • Financial problems

So many people struggle with negative experiences . On the surface they seem to be  holding it together but deep down it has a profound effect, which in turn has a real impact on their performance.  So you can imagine if people have their own internal stuff hidden under the surface how difficult it is to know how to start that conversation.

It can be difficult to know how to support staff whether they are going through organisational changes or personal problems.

Staff can often feel retisecent to share their concerns internally because they feel it will affect their work records.

But without their support your business is likely to struggle, because your staff are the most important asset.

So it makes sense to engage external expertise that is both independent and impartial, allowing managers to be better at their jobs.

Happy Staff are Productive Staff

I can work with each of those involved it means they each feel their concerns are respected, which is more likely to result in a positive outcome.


With more than 14 years experience I can work in a number of ways , tailored to your specific needs and can include  -

  • Workshops

  • Talks 

  • One to one sessions

I'm more than happy to arrange an informal chat to discuss how I can help. 

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