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As well as working with individuals and couples on a personal basis, I want to be able to encourange people to Create the Life They Want. so that's the reason I give talks and run workshops to both small and large groups of people.


 We all struggle with problems at times, some of them are due to negative events from the past which have kept us stuck in behaviours that mean we can't move forward.

I share stories that illustrate those incidents and then give the audience suggestions on how they can ditch those unhelpful behaviours and create more productive ways of being.

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As well as speaking at numerous local events, I have been a speaker at the Survivors of Abuse Conference, as well as being a speaker at LoveX London



Often people don’t recognise the events that are the root cause of behaviours that hinder people from achieving the things we desire in life. It  can affect confidence,  self-esteem,  relationships  and much more. Because they create their own internalised dialogue, which keeps them stuck in negative self perpetuating beliefs.  

Acknowledging and understanding this is vital  before  someone can begin to heal  and achieve the life they want. 

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Workplace Talks 


  • How Negative past events have an affect on productivity in the workplace  and how to deal with them. 

  • The very real difficulties caused by AI  in the workplace  and how  managers can help staff overcome them. 

  • Creating effective communication improves relationships and productivity 


Personal Development 

  • How to get what you want without conflict 

  • How to magic experiences and events from the past affect  our ability to move forward,  and how to change it. 

  • Creating the Life You Want


  • How Mindfulness Helps to Reduce Stress and be More Productive 

  • The Art of Being Heard and Listening  

  • Banish The Negative Thinking That Gets You Stuck 

  • Effective Communication to Improve Teamwork 

  • How to Support Staff Through Difficult Situations 

Workshops are run at your premises and can be tailored to suit the audience. Mainly experiential, including audience participation. Please contact me to discuss your requirements as the list is not exhaustive.Workshops are run at your premises and can be tailored to suit the audience. 
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