“Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.”

With more than 14 years of professional experience together with a lifetime of personal experience I have listened, supported and guided 100’s of individuals and couples who were stuck in unhelpful or even destructive behaviours which until we worked together really adversely affected their lives.

There are times in our lives when we are all likely to get ‘stuck’. When we just can’t find our way out of the emotional maze we find ourselves in. We may know things don’t feel right, but we don’t know exactly what it is or how to find the way out.

I respect my clients privacy. Everything we talk about is in strict confidence, as its important  for them to feel safe to share the most innermost fears and concerns. My clients trust me to share what they consider they darkest secrets. They also know I won’t judge them, which is important as they are probably feeling shamed enough themselves.

Don’t judge someone till you have walked a mile in their shoes

This is something very important to me, as I cannot begin to understand what anyone else is experiencing, each person’s perception is different and unique to them, but I have had enough life experience to openly admit I have earned every wrinkle and scar I possess, sometimes it has been quite painful gaining my warrior wounds too!

Client's come to me for a variety of reasons, but they have one thing in common - they are unhappy with the the way their life is and want things to change. just like I did all those years ago, and they have decided this is the time do make those changes.

Whether you want to gain more confidence, feel less stressed and overwhelmed or achieve better relationships, whether personal or professional, I can  help you. Together, we can unravel the problem, giving you more clarity as to the blocks you are struggling with. Then  using my professional expertise and the expertise you have of yourself,  we will work towards your goals. I will provide tools and techniques that can aid and empower you to make the changes you want. However - you alone are the only one who can make those changes.

Drawing upon my many years of professional training  - which is  still on-going, together with my personal experiences and those of the successes of 100's of clients I have helped, you can be assured that you will have my full support and guidance. However you need to be fully committed to making the changes you want. 


Whether you have a one-off tricky issue you need help to find a solution to, or you want more in - depth support I offer a variety of programmes.


Free 30 minute phone Discovery Call  – to find out whether we are a good fit and answer any questions you may have


For those on a limited budget, but who want support and guidance to uncover what is causing their 'stuckness' and want some help towards moving forward towards the life they want, I offer my entry level package –

3 sessions of 1 hour  - £50 per session

If you want to get to the bottom of what causes you keep repeating the same old patterns that keep you on the hamster wheel feeling unable to get off. Then getting help and support to move your life forward –


6 regular sessions of 1 hour £800

One-off 2 hour in depth session to get you off the starting block or to unravel a particular issue and get the tools to begin to make changes - via Skype/Phone /Face to Face - £295


For those who are totally committed to unravelling the issues that have hampered you for years and want to ditch the baggage, and create the world you want - 6 months  of 1 hour sessions - £2,000


Romantic Couples

I only work with couples who are both totally committed and invested in taking their relationship to being awesome.

If you need support to decide whether to stay together or this is a last ditch attempt to see whether you want  to stay together, then I’m not the person to help you.


Of course there are no guarantees in life, and you may decide  at the end that you cannot continue in the relationship as it is. However, you will learn how to communicate in a better way and have a better relationship, albeit in a different format.


My experience is that if two people really love  and care about each other, totally committed to doing whatever it takes to make their relationship the best it can be - and put in the work, then they can achieve great results.

For those who have a particular issue, or life event that is affecting what is an otherwise an acceptable relationship, but one you want to take to awesome.

A commitment of 6 sessions of  90 minutes - £800


For those who have neglected their relationship over a period of time, and got into some habits that are difficult to break, adversely affecting the relationship, or if you really want to take your other happy relationship to the next level,  this is the package for you.

A commitment of 12 sessions of 90 minutes - £1500

Other Relationships

We can experience problems in all kinds of relationships, both personal and professional. So if this is something you want to work on then get in touch and we can find the best solution to help you. The Contact Button is at the foot of this page.

You don't just have to take my word for it - below is feedback from clients I have worked with.


I respect my Clients confidentiality, so whilst they are happy to provide feedback they often prefer to wirhhold their identity. 


"I found the process very rewarding. Behaviours were questioned and challenged, and I was given tools and strategies to change my thinking and to stop the downwards spiral I had been on. I gained positivity, and am able to use the tools and theories to change for the better." 

"It's really down to you we are in such a good place"

“I was in the worst emotional state and certainly going through the hugest difficult time in my life before starting working with Wendy – I felt totally lost! I unsure of why talking to someone that knew nothing about me could help, since I had a great network of friends. However on every occasion, I left my sessions with Wendy feeling more positive and with small steps had more clarity. I’ve gained my confidence back which has enabled me to set up my own business and get out there meeting new people and no longer dwelling on the past, and only look forward”   

Create the World you Want - Don't delay, contact me now to start the Journey