Are you really happy in your life?

For many years I felt there was something not quite right in my life, but I didn't know what it was, because it felt normal - and familiar. It was all I knew.

Everyone else around me seemed to have the life I craved, and to outsiders I had it all. A good job, a lovely family, a beautiful home. 

But deep down inside, I felt lonely, anxious, not good enough. I just didn't seem to fit in, however hard I tried.


I was trying to be what I thought others wanted me to be, instead of being myself.


I tried to "fix" myself in the only ways I knew how:

  • I studied hard to get a better job - but that didn't work as I wasn't in the right job

  • I bought a beautiful house, but although I loved it, but there was still an emptiness inside

  • Retail therapy only worked in the short term, the problem was I was never  happy in the way I looked

  • I went from one relationship to another, until I settled for what turned out to be a very abusive relationship, simply because I thought that was all I was worth.

DSC_2684 b.jpg

Something had to change!


  • I realised I couldn't continue in this way, I was close to having a complete breakdown! 

  • First of all I had to get out of the toxic relationship that sapped me of any self esteem -  which I did!

  • Next step was to get to the root of why I felt so inadequate 

  • Finally I HAD to make those positive changes to my life because I knew I was worth more than I had settled for.

I finally discovered that true happiness isn't those materialistic things.


I found true happiness and inner contentment within myself!


Yes, the changes YOU want, because they aren't going to be the same as the things I want. In this course we look at the things that get in your way.


Each section will address a different area and give you guidance on how to address those niggly, pesky things that stop you from making changes to create the best life possible.

Each week you will receive a short video, some challenges from me to work on,  and a helpful worksheet to download.

I can help you make the change you want in your life!

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You can "appear to have it all", because you genuinely have the life you want!