Design Your Perfect Life


Your life isn't the way you want it, there is something missing, but you aren't sure what! 
Whilst on the outside you appear to be like the graceful swan gliding across the lake, underneath you are furiously paddling, putting on that brave face to the world. 
You have had enough and things have to change. 
You have tried so many things to get yourself out of the rut but nothing seems to be working. They may include some of these: 
  • A night out with the girls 
  • Empowerment course 
  • Gym and Yoga 
  • Read numerous books 
  • Retreats 
  • Change of Career 
  • Retail Therapy 
  • Watching Feel Good Movies 
My life wasn't the way I wanted, I was just muddling through, not knowing what I wanted but definitely sure it wasn't how I wanted it. 
I set to work to discover what I wanted my life to be like, and then how to make it happen. 
I have created the 5 steps to designing your perfect life, and want to share this with you!
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