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A FREE Guide To Design Your Perfect Life
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In this 5 step mini course you will discover the things that get in the way of creating your perfect life. Then it offers ways in which you can overcome them. It’s the first step to creating the life you are looking for. 

Having got your mindset in the right place you are now ready for the next step to design your perfect life, the way you want it to look. Taking you step by step through the process it contains exercises to assist you to design the life you really want.

In this 7 week course I will take you through a series of steps to help you find the life you really want.


1. What you want your life to look like

2. Getting to understand the real you

3. What do you want to change in your life?

4. Helping you to stay on track - the tricky part!

5. Procrastination - those distractions can be appealing

6. The importance of self care 

7. Accountability can be supportive


This course is for any couple who really want to take their relationship from ordinary to awesome. Over 10 weeks you will receive one of the modules, each covering an area of your relationship.  


It contains videos, MP3, and exercises to help you navigate your way through the pitfalls many couples encounter.  

1. We explore the vision you have of a good relationship

2. The Framework on which your relationship is built

3. How our family systems form our beliefs

4. What is Caring ? It's more than just words

5. How do you show your Commitment?

6. Do you really Communicate effectively with each other?

7. Neglecting your relationship spells trouble

8. How to deal with arguments and conflict

9. When issues from the past get brought into your relationship

10. Allowing personal growth within the relationship