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Relationships: The Amazing Next Step!

Relationships are not always 'plain sailing'... if they were, we'd all be living "happily ever after".

We all have different life experiences, which impact on the way we view what a 'normal' relationship looks like to you.

I fully believe that couples, who are in a loving relationship, need to work on their relationship together.

We need to know that we are able to talk honestly to our partner about:


  • fears and concerns around the relationship;

  • Life events: blended families, financial issues, redundancy or serious health concerns

  • Events from our past: childhood trauma, significant life events


… this  list is endless

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However much you love each other, its not surprising there are times when you find it difficult to find resolution that you both feel happy with.

At these times communication can break down causing endless bickering over trivialities, or just avoiding talking about the issues all together. Which just cause deep resentments. 


The relationship can become neglected, with each  the looking outside the relationship to fill the void they feel the relationship no longer offers. 

If you want to take your happy relationship to awesome then read on...

The Amazing Next Step...  

Over the period of 9 weeks, you will receive weekly content that focuses on different areas of a relationship; along with worksheets, exercises, audios and videos. 


Using this unique format, especially if you worked on this course as a couple, you can experience the folllowing results: 

  • Being happier and more relaxed with each other

  • Able to communicate freely, expressing their thoughts honestly without conflict

  • Feeling safe and secure emotionally and financially

  • Each are committed to the relationship even through the tough times

  • Their opinions are acknowledged respectfully and without criticism

  • Connected at a deeper level, and an equal partnership

  • A better understanding of each other  - even when they think there is nothing new to learn!

  • Secure in the knowledge that each is the most important person in the other's life

  • Supported by each other in personal challenges and goals

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Are you ready to start working on taking your relationship to the amazing next level?
Let's work together to fixing that!