How does it feel to be labelled?

I often have clients come to me and say that a health professional has diagnosed them with one condition or another.

What bothers me about this is that often that individual sees themselves as being defined by that diagnosis. For example they may say ‘I am schizophrenic’, or ‘ I am bulimic’. Whilst we can take comfort from being able to make sense of the symptoms we are experiencing, they are only a part of us. We may also be a parent, a musician or an accountant, and I don’t think we necessarily see those roles as being the sum total of our being.

Just because I work as a counsellor, it doesn’t mean that I spend all my waking hours analysing everyone who I meet.

I have many other interests and activities in my life too, none of which totally define me either.

Sometimes it’s too easy to wear the label as a badge,

one that is difficult to move away from, leaving us emotionally stuck.  So are you one of those people? Do you find it convenient to stay stuck in that rut, telling yourself you cannot possibly move out of it and do something different? I am not saying these feelings are in your awareness, but do you find yourself making excuses as to why you cannot do something, when really there is no valid reason?

My story

I know that I did that for quite some time in my life, when I realised that I felt ‘Not good enough’ , and had felt that way for most of my life. It was easy for me to blame all those things on that. But then I realised I didnt want to wear that badge, and I wanted to move forward, and I started working on myself and feeling ‘ Good enough’ . For me that was a real turning point, and my life has moved on in leaps and bounds since then.

Stop and ask yourself the question !

’ Do I define myself with a certain label, whatever it may be and whoever has given you that label – which might even be yourself? ’

‘ I am an asthmatic’

‘ I am useless’

‘I have been diagnosed with depression’

‘ I have been diagnosed with high blood pressure’

‘ I am schizophrenic’

‘ I suffer from anxiety’

I am not suggesting that you should do anything that would cause you health problems, like someone with breathing problems running a marathon, unless they had sought medical advice first. All I am suggesting is that you consider whether a label you may be wearing is unjustifiably stopping you from doing something that is just out of your comfort zone, and that would enrich your life.

For example, if you are suffering from depression, a walk in the fresh air can be very therapeutic, and can actually change the chemicals in your brain, as well as nurturing you, and giving you another perspective on life.

How I can help

When clients come to see me, and tell me about a diagnosis they have received, I don’t assume I know all about it, because I don’t know how that person may experience them. I try to understand how that individual feels, and how it affects their life. By working together in this way, be both learn more about how it feels, and what affect it has on them. Only then can we work together to help them move forward to make small, small, changes to a better and more fulfilling life.

Contact me now to move your life forward if you are feeling stuck. You have nothing to lose – and everything to gain………a  better life.


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